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How to Choose a Handpan: Unveiling the Secrets to Finding Your Perfect Melodic Companion


Handpan has made itself known within melodic instruments with its beautiful sounds and captivating design, delighting both musicians and enthusiasts. Originating in Trinidad and Tobago’s steelpan traditions, today this captivating instrument captivates both beginners and experienced musicians alike. However, with many options on the market today it may seem intimidating to choose your handpan; fear not; here we reveal secrets for finding your ideal melodic partner!


Understanding Handpan Basics


Before diving into selecting the perfect handpan, we must gain an understanding of what a handpan is. Commonly referred to as a “hang drum”, this convex steel drum played with hands features a central note surrounded by multiple smaller tone fields to produce soothing yet resonant tones for an immersive soundscape.


Decoding Handpan Scale


Understanding handpan scales is the first step to selecting an instrument; handpans come in various scales that produce their distinct sounds and atmosphere. Common scales include Pentatonic, Dorian, and Aeolian which all contribute towards making up its soundscape. When choosing your scale take into consideration what mood or genre of music you wish to explore before selecting it as part of your set list.


Evaluating Build Quality: Material Matters


The material chosen when crafting a handpan greatly determines both sound quality and durability, typically being constructed out of stainless steel due to its resistance against corrosion. Pay particular attention to thickness as thicker steel shells often lead to deeper, richer-sounding instruments crafted by highly respected artisans or manufacturers renowned for quality.


Considerations Regarding Size and Weight


Handpans come in all different shapes and sizes, each impacting playability and portability in its way. Larger handbags typically provide access to more notes but may prove cumbersome for carrying. On the flip side, smaller models tend to be lighter but may sacrifice particular notes due to portability issues. When considering your intended use – studio recordings, live performances, or casual jam sessions – choose one whose dimensions meet both your requirements as well as those of others around you!


Testing Your Waters: Before You Buy


Due to their unique characteristics, handbags present unique challenges when purchasing them. Before making your selection, attend handpan gatherings, music festivals, or local instrument shops to experience and hear different varieties before making your final choice. Pay particular attention to resonance, sustain, and overall playability characteristics before selecting an instrument from this list of sellers who allow potential buyers to test out various instruments before purchasing one – an invaluable experience that should assist your decision process!


Budgetary Considerations


Handpans may seem irresistibly beautiful, so a realistic budget must be established when purchasing one. Prices of handbags range significantly; high-end instruments will command higher prices. Set a maximum investment amount and explore available instruments within this range; consider that investing in quality instruments will bring years of joy and inspiration!


Navigating the Market: Research and Reviews


Before making your choice, explore all of the information available online. Read reviews written by other handpan players, join online communities, or seek recommendations from seasoned musicians – this research can provide invaluable insights into different brands, models, and experiences from fellow handpan enthusiasts – but always consider various perspectives before settling on one choice!


Maintenance and Care


Proper handpan ownership demands special care to guarantee its durability, as stainless steel handpans can quickly succumb to corrosion without proper care and storage conditions. Protective cases should be purchased, and regular cleaning with a soft cloth is encouraged, as is placing it away in dry environments – these practices will preserve both the aesthetics and longevity of your handpan.


Final Considerations: Trust Your Instincts


It can be easy to become overwhelmed when searching for the ideal handpan. While considering all aspects is critical, don’t underestimate intuition’s role when finding that ideal model – when connected, handbags become an extension of musical expression! So trust your gut instinct and choose one that resonates deeply within yourself to spur passion for creating beautiful melodies!




Selecting the perfect handpan can be both a personal and rewarding experience that goes far beyond technical specifications. By carefully considering scales, build quality evaluation, instrument testing procedures, budget considerations, researching market prices, prioritizing maintenance needs, and prioritizing repairs you can confidently begin this joyful adventure. Remember the ideal handpan should resonate with your spirit to produce beautiful music which transcends borders and touches hearts!



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